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These cotton canvas accessory bags are the perfect storage solution to keep all of your small valuables and make up safe! These accessory organisation bags are such a great way to keep your keys, payment cards, phone, sunglasses, make up & more safe. Simply pop all of your important items inside these bags and zip them up, that way you'll always know they are securely stored and it'll be so easy for you to remember where they are at all times (because don't we all lose about 5 things at home a day? I know I do!)

These accessory bags are also wonderful to add your keys, phone & other items you might need whilst out to and then simply slip them inside your backpack or handbag and you'll easily be able to dig them out whenever you need to pay for something or check your phone & the rest of the time they'll be safe inside your bag. This works particularly well for those of us who carry large bags and can never find anything in them, you'll be able to find these accessory bags easily as opposed to rummaging through your bag to find small keys or a phone.

These bags are also perfect for travelling with, they make packing up toiletries, small bits & bobs & other valuables very easy and help to compartmentalise your suitcase too! The labels on the bags makes it super easy to quickly remember what's inside too.

Size: 28cm x 16cm

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