Our stained colourful glass art rainbow sun catchers are available in a variety of designs and are sure to add a pop of colour and joy to your home or garden. These colourful rainbow suncatchers are made to hang from your ceiling, wall or window handles and the colourful glass will catch the sunlight as it pours into your home, lighting up the colours of the rainbow and reflecting colourful light prisms around your home or garden.

These sun catchers come in a variety of designs, including rainbows in a variety of shapes, a chain of hanging rainbows, rainbows with the sun, with clouds and even a rainbow heart and rainbow butterfly. As well as the colourful rainbows, some of these designs also include colourful beads which finish them off wonderfully.


Rainbow Chain - H60cm x W7cm x D0.5cm

Round Rainbow - H:12.5cm W:12.5cm D:1cm

Rainbow & Clouds - H23cm x W22cm x D0.5cm

Rainbow & Sun - H:36cm X W:15cm X D:0.5cm

Rainbow Heart - H:7cm X W:8cm X D:0.1cm

Rainbow & 1 Cloud - H:19cm x W:12cm x D:0.5cm

Rainbow Butterfly - H:7cm X W:9cm X D:0.1cm

Rainbow with Gem - H:20.5cm W:15.4cm D:0.1cm

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