Buddha Rock Garden with Fountain - Japanese Zen Garden
Ornate meditation Buddha zen garden, complete with a working water fountain feature, as well as a pebble garden and faux plant, complete with a sandy garden which is where you can place a tealight if you wish, as well as a mini rake to rake the sand however you prefer. This Buddha rock garden is going to relax you and help you to naturally meditate with little to no effort, just watching and hearing the water flow and looking at this peaceful and relaxing garden, guarded by a calm Buddha, will leave you feeling totally relaxed and de-stressed. The relaxing sound of the running water from the fountain trickling over the rock like water fall will bring such a sense of zen to your home or office space. Raking the sand, arranging the pebbles and plants and watching the lit tealight will give you a sense of accomplishment and leave you feeling so peaceful. The garden features a yin and yang design.

This zen garden is a perfect gift to give someone who needs a little calm and meditation, who might need a chance to take some quiet time to set up and enjoy this lovely pebble garden. The garden makes a wonderful office gift as it will keep the recipient relaxed and calm at work, no matter how busy or under pressure they are across their work day. It's a beautiful garden and really will bring peace to your home!

The garden includes a water feature with 2 pools, a praying Buddha statue, pebbles and a faux plant for a pebble garden, sand and a rake for the sandy part of the garden and a UK plug.

Size: H29cm x W23cm x D21cm

This item must be plugged into a power source for the water feature to work.

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