Beehive Shaped Bee House & Insect House
Wooden yellow beehive shaped bee and insect hotel. This wooden insect hotel has been made from sustainably and responsibly sourced wood from Forest Stewardship Council-approved and well-managed forests as certified by the FSC. This beehive shaped bee house really is the perfect bug nesting box to attract these very important pollinators to your garden! The yellow colour and beehive shape not only look fantastic in your garden but fit so well with the bees natural homes too. The range of different sized tubes inside have different sized holes running through them to emulate the inside of a real hive. The tubes inside are made from bamboo wood, one of the most sustainable kinds of wood. The outside is very strong and weather resistant as it has been coated in wonderful and colourful yellow paint.

This natural wooden bug hotel isn't only perfect for attracting the beloved honey bee but also a variety of other insects that will keep your garden healthy and bring you joy to see, such as lady birds, lacewings, woodlice and even some species of small spiders. These insects are all important to a healthy garden and to keep the environment healthy too - another reason this bug hotel has been made so sustainably.

Mini-beasts can then use your bug hotel as a safe space to shelter, lay their eggs, raise their young, and seek refuge from predators.

Although most people think that spring and summer are when you should set up insect hotels, many animals start looking for safe spaces in autumn in preparation to hibernate so it's the perfect time to attract these little beasties to your garden. Chances are, they will also return year after year to bring you intrigue and joy.

Size: 22cm x 24cm x 10cm

This beehive is made sustainably from bamboo wood.

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