Wooden Salad Serving Utensils (Pair) - Hand Shape Salad Server Spoon
These handmade wooden salad tongs are made from quality Sonokeling wood that has been responsibly sourced from sustainable woodland. These wooden salad serving utensils come in a pair of 2 and are made from lovely richly coloured wood, the shades of different reds and browns that run through this wood look so lovely & really add some lovely colours to your kitchen & dining table! They're great salad servers to use when entertaining as they really do look great when in use!

These handmade salad serving spoons are curved gently into a spoon shape and have 4 fork prongs on them which make them the perfect shape for dishing out your salad and mixing the salad through. The natural look of the wood also blends so well when they're being used outside. They have easy to hold handles at the top of each spoon which are rounded and all of the edges of the spoons are soft and rounded.

These eco friendly salad tongs have been made from sustainably sourced wood so they're not only great for your home but great for the planet too!

Size: 18cm x 9cm

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