These very unique pumice stones are made from natural volcanic rock from the beautiful shores of Iceland. They are so wonderful to look at with all of their unique shapes and bubbles, they are made from mineral rich, naturally occurring volcanic rock. These stones are very resistant naturally and therefore won't lose their shape or effectiveness. These pumice stones safely exfoliate the skin on hands and feet and help to remove any bits of dead or dry skin, leaving a refreshed layer of soft and smooth skin in their place. The stones are very lightweight due to all of the air pockets within them but remain very effective.

A Therapeutic mixture of basaltic minerals, silicon, magnesium, iron and oxygen which creates the holes in the stone easily remove dry, dead skin from body, hands and feet. These stones come in several different shapes. They also come attached to a natural string which allows you to hang them for easy keeping if you choose. These stones are sure to be an essential part of your shower routine!

These foot filing pumice stones come in the following shapes:
- Shell shape
- Rounded shape
- Square shape

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