Sustainable Sisal Loofah & Shower Sponge

This sustainably made, all natural sisal bath & shower loofah cushion is made from high quality and naturally occurring and sustainably sourced sisal. Sisal makes the perfect material for the body washing loofah as it is gentle on skin so as not to cause irritation or dry skin but still coarse enough to remove dead skin and leave your skin feeling exfoliated and soft. The sisal loofah also suds up soap very well so will save you soap and ensure you can get a thorough clean with plenty of soap.

The loofah is doubly effective because of it's texture so removes dead skin & exfoliates whilst also cleaning you. The loofah is robustly made and should last you for a very long time. The loofah is thick with plenty of material which really helps sud up the soap. The loofah has a really handy strap on it so straps securely over your hand, ensuring that you don't accidentally drop it during your shower or bath.

This loofah scrub is the perfect addition to any vegan and eco-friendly bathroom and will help you make a small change towards living more sustainably and in a way that doesn't negatively damage our environment.

The loofahs are biodegradable and so they don't contribute to horrible landfill either!

Size: 12cm x 12.5cm x 3.5cm

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