Sustainable Hemu Wood Soap Dish - Eco Soap Holder
These handmade hemu wood eco friendly soap dishes make the perfect addition to your sustainable bathroom! These wooden soap trays are made from quality hemu wood from the Asian guger tree, which provides a feel, colour and texture of wood which is very similar to that of bamboo, whilst also being similarly sustainable to grow and source. These soap trays are a much better alternative to traditional soap dishes which end up leaving your soap soaking in a puddle and ending up soggy and falling apart like mush.

These 'piano' style hemu wood soap holders have slots running through them to allow all of the water in the soap to easily drain away, the fact the soap dish is on a raised stand also helps keep it raised well above the water that's draining away. This means your soap naturally dries again after every use which maintains the texture of your soap, stops it from going soggy and cuts down on waste of your soap bars too! These soap dishes are also equally suitable for solid shampoo bars.

Size: 10cm x 8cm x 2cm

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