Pastel coloured mini cubic shaped candles, perfect small decorative candles to brighten up little spaces around your home or office. They also make great pick me up gifts!

These natural soy wax bubble candles come in several gentle pastel colours and are great additions to tables, mantlepieces and shelves. They are handmade from 100% natural soy wax, making them both vegan friendly and biodegradable.

These candles are perfect for giving as wedding favours or for sprucing up tables at your wedding with some gentle colour.

Each candle is hand poured and handmade with love in our home studio here in Wales.

Price is for a set of 2 candles.

These candles are designed to be decorative, however can be lit - if you do decide to light these candles, please place them in a fire/heat proof dish or tray away from flammable surfaces. Because they do not have a container they will melt quicker than other candles and the wax may pour onto furniture if a dish isn't used.

To avoid shape and colour change, keep your candle away from sources of heat and light. All of our candles are hand-poured and unique; as they are handmade some slight imperfections and colour variations are to be expected.

Always follow fire safety precautions when burning candles. Keep away from all flammable surfaces such as walls, doors and curtains. Always place on a heat proof surface. Keep out of reach of children and pets. Never leave lit candles unattended. If flame becomes too large, extinguish with a damp cloth.

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