White ceramic herbal infusion tea set with teapot and matching tea cups, available in plain white ceramic or with colourful patterns on. The lid of the teapot in this ceramic tea set holds a metal tea strainer / herbal tea infuser built into it. This wonderful tea pot comes with 6 matching ceramic tea cups, all with patterns matching the tea pots in the set so you can be sure you'll be co-ordinated and perfectly matching! These tea sets are so pretty and are really delightful teasets to use when entertaining guests and are sure to be a hit. Each tea pot has a bamboo covered handle which looks great and prevents the heat from the tea spreading up the handle and burning you.

These herbal tea sets allow you to make a wonderful cup of tea free of teabags as you can add any loose leaf tea of your choice to the tea pot and allow it to brew or infuse to the strength you prefer. Not only does this help save on waste as you are cutting out the teabags but it also is a more traditional, time honoured and frankly better tasting way of making tea!

Available in the following patterns:
Plain White
Chinese Fans
Bamboo Leaves
Colourful Butterflies
Amber Patterns
Green Mosaic
Vintage Blue Flowers
Blue Star Pattern

Teapot: W14cm x H12cm x D6cm - 650ml
Cups: H:7cm x D:5cm - 80ml

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