Bar Soap & Wooden Soap Dish Gift Set - Artisan Soap & Soap Tray Set
Handmade plastic free and eco friendly bar of luxurious organic soap in a rose, honey and citrus fruit scents with a sustainable hemu wood soap dish. These all natural decadent soaps are handmade by our team in the UK and come in several wonderful scents including rose, honey and citrus fruits.

They are paired with a wooden soap dish so that is made from sustainably sourced hemu wood which is a must in any sustainable bathroom. These hemu wood soap trays are made from quality hemu wood from the Asian guger tree, which provides a feel, colour and texture of wood which is very similar to that of bamboo and are equally as sustainable to grow. These soap trays are far superior to their cheap plastic counterparts. The hemu wood soap holder is in a 'piano' style with slots running through it, allowing air to reach and dry the soap between uses, saving soap and prolonging the life of the soap bar.

What's more is that the bars of aromatic soap come topped with natural ingredients that are included in the soap, for example, for our rose scented soap, there are beautiful rose heads on the soap. The honey soap comes in a beautiful honeycomb texture and our citrus fruits soap has a lovely slice of dried orange to finish it off.

The eco friendly and sustainably made hemu wood soap holder completes this gift set and pairs wonderfully with these artisan made soaps, between them, helping you on your journey to living a much more sustainable lifestyle.

Each soap bar weighs approximately 100 grams.

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