Perfect Christmas gift set containing natural handmade soap bars in several wonderful scents including rose scent, honey scent & citrus fruit scents; paired with shampoo bars which are handmade and contain argan oil. They are completely natural and SLS free. They really do make wonderful gift sets and are eco friendly and all made sustainably.

The soap bars included in this set are gorgeously decadent and all handmade by our team here in the UK and come in several scents including rose petals, honey & citrus fruits.

Each bar of aromatic handmade soap comes topped with a natural ingredient that is included in the soap, for our rose scented soap, there are beautiful rose heads on the soap. The honey soap comes in a beautiful honeycomb texture and our citrus fruits soap has a lovely slice of dried orange to finish it off.

The handmade and natural eco friendly shampoo bars included in this gift set are zero waste and the solid nature of these lovely shampoo bars means there is zero need for plastic packaging. These shampoo bars contain argan oil and are made from a wonderful blend of natural essential oils to give them their refreshing fragrances - so they are both great for cleaning your hair and leave you smelling wonderful too!

All of these solid shampoo bars are SLS free and contain only high quality, natural ingredients.

They weight approximately 100 grams each.

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